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ARTS & CRAFTS FAIR – March 2016

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Club President Bob Turley     Club President Bob Turney.

Club President Bob Turley   Club President Bob Turney

Unique Pieces Created by Club Instructors   New showcase displaying jewelry created by Club Officers & Instructors.

One-of-A-Kind Pieces Created by Club Officers   New showcase displaying unique pieces created by Club Officers & Instructors.

Our new show cases   New showcases displaying club members’ jewelry pieces — which are available for purchase!



Norene Harmon (Purchasing  & Class Instructor), James Patterson (Board Member) and Jan Wilson (Secretary) standing behind one of our new showcases containing one-of-kind jewelry created by club member.



Ric Charlie is an accomplished, self-taught Navajo goldsmith who demonstrated his unique way of casting jewelry to a room full of Silver Club members.  (See below for more information about Ric Charlie.)  For those members interested in learning this new and exciting way of casting jewelry, Ric Charlie will be back to teach a two-day (four hours each) seminar at a later date.  Class dates and other information has not been finalized yet, so stay tune for further information on this exciting class!

 Club members and Ric Charlie    Ric Charlie and club members assisting in melting silver with torches.

Pouring melted silver into bracelet mold.    Pouring the hot, liquid silver into the bracelet mold (which is made using a Tufa stone).

Extracting bracelet from mold just seconds after pouring in hot silver.   Ric Charlie removing the bracelet from the mold within a minute or so of pouring the hot silver into the mold.

Silver bracelet (it's on the brick)   Removing the silver bracelet from the mold –  the bracelet is on the brick.

Club members and Ric Charlie  Club members looking at some of Ric Charlie’s one-of-kind pieces of jewelry.

Members looking at some of Ric's previous creations.  Club members talking with Ric Charlie and others looking at some of his unique jewelry.

Ric Charlie and Club members  Club members and Ric Charlie.


Ric Charlie bio (extracted from the internet):

Ric Charlie is an accomplished, self-taught Navajo goldsmith who has gained international acclaim for his tufa-cast jewelry. The texture and fine lines he achieves by carving in tufa stone, combined with colorful patinas and semiprecious stones, define Ric Charlie’s work. For nearly three decades, Ric has been drawing upon traditional Navajo techniques while pushing the boundaries to stay on the cutting edge of jewelry design.

Charlie’s love of color draws him away from the turquoise commonly found in Southwestern jewelry. He instead favors the gold, rust, red, purple, blue, and green patinas he achieves by adding liver of sulfur to the silver. The fine lines in his jewelry are accomplished by cutting tufa stones (compressed volcanic rock) with dental tools.

Ric learned basic jewelry-making techniques in 1973 when he was in high school. He studied jewelry-making and design in college at Arizona State University and University of Arizona, and went on to teach himself tufa casting after being inspired by the work of Preston Monongye and Charles Loloma.

“Sandcasting is a pretty difficult medium,” Ric Charlie says. “But for me it’s second nature. Everything I do is cast, and 99 percent of them are one-of-a-kind.”

In 1983, Ric helped to design and construct the staff and medallion used by the president of Arizona State University.

Today, Ric Charlie teaches and advises Native artists in his unique tufa-casting methods, while still producing top-of-the-line work for galleries and collectors around the world. Ric has received numerous awards from competitions at the Heard Museum and Sante Fe Indian Market, including Best of Show, Best of Class, and the Raymond Dewey Memorial Award for Excellence in Tufa Stone Casting.


TOY-KI SILVER CLUB FALL BBQ – October 18, 2016

Good food, good friends and a door prize drawing was held on October 18, 2016 in the courtyard outside of our club.  The lunch was catered by Dillon’s KC Style BBQ.  Yum, yum!


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