Craft Pictures

Club Members creating beautiful pieces of jewelry.



Jewelry designed and manufactured by Club Members is for sale at the Village Store and in the Toy-Ki Silvercraft Club at the RH Johnson Recreation Center.


Club Members helping with the weekly casting.


We also cast jewelry pieces once a week.  This process is called “Lost Wax”.  Here are a few pieces that were created using the Lost Wax method.


Jewelry designs from many club members are displayed inside the Club and are for sale.



Jewelry designed by Club Members using Sterling Silver.


Unique jewelry designed by Club Members using Copper, Brass and Gold-filled materials.  Jewelry pieces are for sale in the Silver Club and in the Village Store. 



Unique jewelry items are made with wire wrapping process using Sterling Silver and Gold-filled materials. 


These are a couple of our members’ unique Squash Blossom Necklaces.



The items above – on the right – shows the different steps to make the first project in the Basic Silver Class.  The finished project – on the left in the ring box – is the completed ring.  If you are interested in becoming a member and having the ability and knowledge to make your own unique jewelry pieces, stop by the Club and fill out an Application Form.