Basic Classes


We offer to Members the following basic classes (payment required two weeks before class)


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Basic Silver Class

Price includes all tools and materials to finish your first project.  One year club membership dues is also included in cost of class.  This class is given Monday through Thursday for two consecutive weeks. You will learn basic contemporary jewelry construction fundamentals.  The first week you will make a sterling silver ring with a polished stone and the second week you will design and construct a project of your choice, typically a pendant.

Lost Wax Casting Class

(Prerequiste: Basic Silver Class)

This is a one-week introduction to wax model making and casting using the traditional lost wax process.  You will learn how to turn soft wax sheet and wire into a pendant and a ring; how to use a mold to shoot multiple waxes; and, how to sprue your models ready for investing in a flask.  All students will participate in a special class firing in bronze using our centrifugal equipment.  Completion of this class is a prerequisite to participate in the club’s weekly castings.

Refresher and Mini-Classes

We offer the following refresher and mini-classes to Members


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Beginning Silver Review Class

This class will be for one day and will review all the procedures you learned in the Basic Silver Class. You will complete one project (usually a pendant).

Lost Wax Casting Review Class

A one-day review of best practices and hands-on sprueing, weighing wax and metal, choosing a flask and mixing investment.

Beginning Wire Wrapping Class

This two-day class will focus on basic wire wrapping techniques.  You will review how to select a cabochon, wire gauges and shapes, and good-to-have tools.  The first day you will complete a simple pendant.  On day two, you will make another pendant with your choice of cabochon, adding embellishments.  A basic kit of copper wire and a cabochon will be provided.  A list of tools will be provided before class as well.  Additional tools will be available for your use during the class.

Intermediate Wire Wrapping Class

(Prerequisite: Beginning Wire Wrapping Class or previous experience)

This two-day class will use round wire to capture your cabochon and introduce wire weaving as an embellishment.  If time permits, using a patina to enhance the weave will be demonstrated.

Metal Forming and Folding Class

This class will be for two days – fours hours each day. You will learn different methods for forming and folding of metal using tools provided. You will make at least one bracelet, ring, and/or pendant.

Texturing Class

This class will be for one day. You will be encouraged to try many techniques on your metal pieces using hammering, dapping tools, scribe, press printing, heat, engraver, fiber wheel, drill and tubes, files, folds and bends, and using silver granules.

Titanium Color Class

This class will be for one day. You will learn to clean, polish and form Titanium, use the Variac converter/current limiter, prepare the electrolyte solution and make several colored pieces.

***Class Schedules and sign-up sheets are located on the bulletin board in the back of Room #1 of the Silvercraft Club.***